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Turn around time:
Embroidery 5 days
Programming 5 days
Last updated June 6, 2024
Since 1988


Right click the link below and save to a file on your computer.

Click here for a zip file with both files below

Click here to download your tools Meistergram disk 

Click here to download tools.jpg

When you double click the exe file from your computer

the floppy disk program will open up.


Detailed instructions below.

Here is a free stock design and sample of how to use the program for you to practice on to see if it all makes sense to you. 


Design Info:


(All our designs are test sewn at 1,500 SPM (50/75) with no thread breaks before shipping)

Tools 3 logo

size: 1" - 3" in height

at 2" apx, stitches: 5,600 

apx sew time is 4 min

The file attached is not a Meistergram file yet. You must run the *.exe program on your computer to create the Meistergram disk.

YOU MUST USE 2DD DISKS. ( 2HD DISKS WILL NOT WORK, Unless the bottom right corner is taped closed and then formatted for 720kb)



tools3.exe (program you run to make your Meistergram disk)

tools3.jpg  (picture of the sewn out logo)

any questions do not hesitate to call or email




This file is not a Meistergram file. You must run the *.exe file on your computer to make the Meistergram disk.  

You must have an internal floppy drive.


 Follow the instructions below.


 1. Save the attached FILENAME.exe to your computers C:\ drive .

(we suggest creating a folder called Frolic.  You can then save all your Frolic designs there for future backup)


2. Open the FILENAME.exe file by double clicking on it in Windows Explorer.


3. It will prompt you to insert a 2DD DISK in your floppy drive.    (**A 2HD DISK WILL NOT WORK unless you tape closed the bottom right corner. After taping it closed you must format the disk to 720 KB first**)

(Please note that all data previously stored on the floppy disk will be erased and lost. Use a disk that is not write-protected).

You can use the same disk over and over again to write the designs. It does not need to be reformatted.


4. When prompted in the first screen of the program, Press Y for yes.   The program will do the rest 

The program will first lock your floppy disk drive, then format it for Meistergram, and then write the Meistergram disk.

The process takes approximately  1-2 minute depending on your computers speed.


 After a successful write, the program will say the floppy disk is ready for use. (you can now put it in your Meistergram)

The written disk will show blank in your computer as it is now formatted for Meistergrams.



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